About the Campground

“Celebrating Nature” is the motto of Camp Baird.  By this we mean the comprehensive enjoyment of the natural environment in a way that enhances the overall experience of life. 

Camp Baird is located on the beautiful grounds of Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji.

Baird Brewery forms the center of the grounds and is the Temple where we painstakingly and lovingly craft some of the world’s most characteful beer. 

The Brewery Gardens Taproom (located within the brewery) is where we proudly pour and “Celebrate” our entire lineup of Baird Beer.

Our organic hop and vegetable gardens and fruit tree orchard also are located on the grounds and are where we “Celebrate Nature” through our organic land cultivation methods. 

Camp Baird helps to sustain the surrounding Shuzenji community by hosting myriad events for local artisans and craftspeople.  Place is so important.  We hope you enjoy visiting ours. 

About Our Staff

Camp Baird staff all are team members of Baird Brewing Company.  Our people are our most valuable resource.  And they will be yours too.  They share the love for beer and nature and outdoor activities.  They also possess keen knowledge of the local area. 

We are happy to assist you in any way we can!  Ask us about the brewery, farming, or camping.  Inquire about local hot spots and outstanding eateries.  We love to interact with our campers.

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