Site Description

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts on the road piloting your own camper vans.  Site plots are spacious enough to park comfortably and to set up your own little BBQ area. 

Situated right near the main campfire spot and just on the banks of the beautiful Kano River, these RV sites are ideal for enjoying traditional camping and camaraderie by the camp fire and for reveling in some stress-free downtime off the road while sipping a delicious Baird Beer.

Additional Notes

Please note there is a mandatory 1200 yen site charge for each adult of 20 years or older. This includes a 1 drink Baird Beer ticket to be used at the Brewery Gardens Taproom (located on the 3rd floor of the Baird Brewery Shuzenji facility) and access to the shower facilities.

Camp Baird would like to remind everyone to drink responsibly and NEVER to drink and drive!

Baird Brewing is a responsible member of our local community and we ask that our campers please review our camping Terms and Conditions below before committing to a camp stay.

Space for 1RV / Camper Van  Occupancy: up to 5 Campers
Check-in: 13:00 – 17:00 Check-out: 07:00 – 11:00
Parking: Yes, RV Specific Walking Distance to Brewery? Yes
Pets OK Facilities: Bathroom, Kitchen, Shower

Camping on the Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji grounds is by express permission only. All campers must sign the Camping Agreement before commencing camping.

Terms of the Camping Agreement are as follows:

  • Camping will be allowed in the designated area(s) only. BB Staff will show you the
    available locations.
  • Campers will provide their own tents, bedding, and any other equipment they plan to use
    during their stay.
  • People who choose to sleep in their car will fall under the same guidelines as campers.
  • Campers are not allowed no to drive pass the driveway of the camp site anytime after 7pm
    and before 7am.
  • QUIET TIME is from 10:00pm till 6am. No loud music, DJ’s, karaoke, etc. Please be
    courteous to fellow campers and our local neighbors.
  • If the campers have bonfire tool, they may enjoy campfire at site.
  • Do not enter the river at any time. The current is very strong with many deep spots. Baird
    Brewing will not be held responsible for anyone who breaks this rule.
  • There are many wild animals, poisonous snakes, as well as a variety of biting insects in the
    area. Please take proper precaution and please do not leave food or trash lying at the camp
    ground at night.
  • Campers with small children or pets are held responsible for their behavior or any accidents
    happen while your stay.
  • After the brewery taproom has closed for the evening, the security system is activated. If
    you try to enter the brewery, the alarm will be set off and you will be questioned by
    security personnel.
  • Check in time is from 1pm to 5pm and checkout time is from 7am to 11am.
    There is no check out process at the brewery.
  • All campers will abide by Izu City trash separation guidelines.
  • Campers agree to stay at their own risk. Baird Brewing will not be held liable for any
    accidents or misfortune which may occur during your stay.
  • If the campers had broke or destroy any things or facility at the brewery are asked for repair
  • Break the rules or provoke BB Staff, you will be asked to leave. No exceptions and there
    will be no refund.

QUIET TIME FROM 10:00pm till 6am. No loud music, DJ’s, karaoke, etc. Please
be courteous to fellow campers and our local neighbors.
Break the rules or piss off BB Staff and you will be told to leave. No exceptions.

Baird Brewing Shuzenji (0558) 73-1199